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June 29, 2016
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June 29, 2016
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Our new Large I.V. storage cart was designed to store intravenous and other solutions that require proper stock rotation. Slanted open front and open back shelves enables you to load from the back. Product slides forward to the front for dispensing. The side screens keep product from falling off the sides of the cart, while the dividers are available to properly seperate the products on the shelves. This cart also includes two 17″W x 22″D x 6″H drawers for storage of small items relating to I.V. Therapy. This cart is mounted on an aluminum dolly with plate casters enabling the cart to handle the heavy weight of I.V. bags or bottles.

Large I.V. Cart complete with three slanted and one flat shelf – all with label holders, two 17″ x 22″ drawers with index pockets, 9 sloped shelf dividers and 3 flat shelf dividers, four 5 inch plate casters. Overall size – 18″D x 48″W x 69″H.

Cart Cover Available