Accessories for Five and Six Drawer Carts

TTE-PK Emergency Mini Tower Package
June 23, 2016
Accessories For Mini Carts
June 23, 2016
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TAB-1Accessory Bar Bracket$25.00
TCB-1Cardiac Board$105.00
TCD-1Corner Defib Shelf, swivels 360 degrees$250.00
TEF-33″ Standard Divider Set, Six Dividers$55.00
TEF-66″ Standard Divider Set, Six Dividers$76.00
TEF-99″ Standard Divider Set, Six Dividers$111.00
TGB-1Glove Box Holder, Single$48.00
TGB-3Glove Box Holder, Triple$55.00
TIV-1IV Pole$125.00
TMH-1Drawer Tray with Dividers and Ampule Holders$141.00
TMH-2Drawer Tray with Six Dividers$93.00
TOB-1Oxygen Tank Bracket$49.00
TOS-15Outlet Strip, 6 outlets with 15′ cord$160.00
TPS-1Plastic Seals$59.00
TSN-2Folding Side Shelf$105.00
TSR-1Tubular Rail – Wrap Around$170.00
TRS-2Flat Rail – Heavy Duty Wrap Around Railing$115.00
TTB-3Tilt Bins$114.00
TTB-4Tilt Bins$88.00
TTB-5Tilt Bins$76.00
TTB-6Tilt Bins$69.00
TTR-6Trellis System$160.00
TWB-8Wire Basket$70.00
TWB-12Wire Basket$50.00
TWC-3Waste Container$44.00