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June 28, 2016
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June 29, 2016
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These shelf liners offer the “solid shelf protection” for the bottom shelves of wire carts, protecting the products on carts and shelving from spills and splashes on the floor, meeting the industry standards within healthcare facilities. These mats snap in place over the edge of most wire shelving brands, offering a solid surface on any shelf when needed. Our new snap on shelf mats feature the Tech-Guard anti-microbial solution which is incorporated into the polymer snap-on liners during the manufacturing process, so it won’t wash or wear off. It is protection that lasts for the useful life of your shelving. Durable and easy to clean and NSF approved.


TG1824SCSSNAP ON SHELF LINER 18″ X 24″$52.00
TG1836SCSSNAP ON SHELF LINER 18″ X 36″$68.00
TG1848SCSSNAP ON SHELF LINER 18″ X 48″$83.00
TG1860SCSSNAP ON SHELF LINER 18″ X 60″$108.00
TG1872SCSSNAP ON SHELF LINER 18″ X 72″$122.00
TG2424SCSSNAP ON SHELF LINER 24″ X 24″$61.00
TG2436SCSSNAP ON SHELF LINER 24″ X 36″$78.00
TG2448SCSSNAP ON SHELF LINER 24″ X 48″$92.00
TG2460SCSSNAP ON SHELF LINER 24″ X 60″$125.00
TG2472SCSSNAP ON SHELF LINER 24″ X 72″$149.00