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June 29, 2016
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June 29, 2016
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small-stent-device-carts2Our device and implant storage carts offer protection from damage and loss of expensive device products.  We have several styles and sizes of carts to fit the needs of the differing amounts of inventory that is stocked by device companies within the hospitals and vascular labs.  These carts maximize the storage for these products while taking up a small amount of floor space.  We have carts that are single sided as well as our new double sided cart, which allows twice the capacity in almost the same amount of floor space. We also provide cart covers for each of these carts, along with a double sided cart cover for the double sided cart.


1836-4Single sided four shelf cart in black complete with four shelf Dividers, and four 5” casters. Overall size is 18”d x 36” w x 52.5” high.$535.00
1836-4CCCart cover for 1836-4 Cart – please specify color and flap closures when ordering.$110.00
1436-3Small single sided stent cart in black complete with three shelf dividers, and Four 4” casters. 14" X 36" X 43"H.$400.00
1436-3CCCart cover for #1436-3 cart in nylon with one flap – please specify color and flap closures when ordering.$100.00
1436-4Four shelf single sided stent storage cart in black complete with four shelf dividers. Overall size is 14"D x 36"W x 56.5"H$425.00
1436-4CCCart cover for 1436-4 Cart - Please specify color and flap closure when ordering.$120.00