Extra Wide Bins with Permanent or Removable Dividers

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June 24, 2016
ECA’s Ultra Series – The Stack & Hang Bin
June 24, 2016
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Use this bin as a single wide bin or insert dividers to create divided compartments, or you can order these bins with permanent dividers. These polypropylene bins can hang from louvered panels or rails, as well as stack. Available in two depths – 12″ or 18″ – Blue or Red color.



30312Extra Wide Bin with permanent dividers – 12″D x 33″W x 5″H5$17.85
30318Extra Wide Bin with permanent dividers – 18″D x 33″W x 5″H5$28.00
30320Extra Wide Bin with optional removable dividers – 8″D x 33″W x 5″H4$13.50
40321Dividers for # 30320 bin 7/pkg.$12.50 (package)
30321Clear Lid for # 30320 bin4/pkgDiscontinued