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Are you looking for fixtures to fit inside the custom cabinets that you provide to your medical account customers to store catheters, devices and guides?  We have six different sizes and several styles of catheter slides for use inside cabinets. We have a new style of slide designed for use in the pharmacy to minimize the spacing between the shelves providing maximum storage capacity. We can supply the detailed drawings for use in configuring the slides to your cabinets at your request.

Under Shelf Catheter Slides

Catheter Tubular Storage
June 29, 2016
Double Sided Storage Carts for Devices & Implants
June 29, 2016
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  • Heavy Duty Slides 100lb. Capacity
  • Full Extension Allows for Easy Access
  • 3 x 5 Label Holder
  • Available in 6 Sizes to Fit Different Size Shelves and in Cabinets
  • Hooks are 2″ Deep
  • Can Be Mounted to Wood or Metal Shelves (screws/bolts not included)
  • Designed To Fit in your Existing Closed Cabinets or Open Shelving.

To Determine the Length of Catheter Slide That Will Fit in Your Closed Cabinet,
Order Slide That Is One-Half Inch ( 1/2″) Shorter Than Cabinet Depth with Door Closed.


FS-12-4Flat Shelf Catheter Slide13"4$44.00
FS-14-4Flat Shelf Catheter Slide 15"4$48.50
FS-16-5Flat Shelf Catheter Slide17"5$53.00
FS-18-5Flat Shelf Catheter Slide19"5$60.50
FS-20-6Flat Shelf Catheter Slide21"6$66.00
FS-22-7Flat Shelf Catheter Slide23"7$72.50